Parkour Shows / Stunts / Workshops in Friedrichshafen

Performance at the outdoor trade fair-254149955

At the Outdoor trade fair in 2007, we represented the outdoor clothing brand "Dare2be" with a parkour show filled with action. The trade fair visitors were exited by this new kind of show on this event.



Parkour promotion team for Gore trailrunning at the outdoor trade fair-743898998

Like every year since 2010, we were featured at the Goretex, THE trade fair for outdoorclothing and -equipement. The most important concern on this mess was "Goretex". They introduced us as the "Gore... Read more

Parkour/Freerunning shows at the Fujitsu roadshow-324840394

We toured around Germany with the Fujitsu roadshow and had some parkour liveshows at various locations. Two freerunners in suits , one of them with a laptop in his hand, chased themselves across the... Read more

Gore trailrunning at the Outdoor trade fair-974605769

For the outdoor trade fair in 2010, the gore parkour team set up a freerunning show of its own: spectacular salti were made on huge banked up mounds. Afterwards, our team gave precious tips to the participants of the parcourrun.