Parkour projects related to "Parkour Show"

Andreas Ruby and Dimitri Roggon played James Bond and his antagonist for the commercial video of the new AMC... Read more

Trailrunning World Masters in Dortmund-202647905

At the trailrunning worldchampionship "World Masters" in Dortmund, our showteam was the highlight of the evening. Together with parkouring worldmaster Matthias Esser, Rubymove created a spectacular parkour show.The acrobatic stunts and performances entertained the audience very well.

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Parkour show at the „Oosten“ for the summerfestival of Baker & McKenzie-289246988

We entered the stage at the "Oosten", a beautiful restaurant in Frankfurt, on the summerparty of Baker&McKenzie. Our traceurs jumped from one restaurant floor to another, climbed a crane and - from there - jumped down into the river Main, without taking their suits off. The audience was... Read more