Jakob Vöckler with a spectacular parkour bet at the last episode of the german TV show "Wetten dass...?"

Our parkour athlet Jakob Vöckler was part of the very last episode of the german betting TV show "Wetten dass..?". He performed a spectacular parkour bet: It was a race with Sébastien Ogier (rallye-worldchampion). Jakob bet that he would beat Sébastien in crossing a multistorey car park with parkour...and he did!
It was exciting 'till the last seconds but Jakob won with a small lead.
But that's not all: at the end of the shows, the audience at home allways chooses the winner among all the betters, and they chose Jakob, which got standing ovations from show guests like Ben Stiller, Helene Fischer, Michael Bully Herbig and Till Schweiger.

Our agency helped with the organisation of the rehearsals and we adviced the Showteam from the very beginning on.

Newspapers in munich and all over germany still run wild about Jakob's spectacular victory (TZ, nordbayern.de, Focus)




The german TV channel "Das Zweite Deutsche Fernsehen", short ZDF, is a part of the german tv programm


The TZ (long name: Tages Zeitung) is one of munichs biggest and most famour newspapers.