No matter if it is about workshops for schools, for a better coordination or challenging youself, indoor or outdoor: We will offer you a workshop with a perfectly fit for your interests. While making new experiences, you will be guided by a fully fledged coach. It's close to our heart to inspire you with our workshops and not only to teach you the technical skills but also the philosophy behind it.

The thematic organisation as well as the target audience are adaptable:

  • scool classes/ projects
  • advanced training for teachers or coaches
  • additional Training for top athlets (f.e.: coordination training for skiers)
  • children's birthdays/ events
  • incentives/ partys at work
  • personal coaching

Our Coaching projects

Parkour Education At The European Conference of International Schools-525602032
The first international parkour education has happened in Munich from April 7th till April 8th. With the motto “teachers teaching teachers”, a project of the munich international school, 20 teachers... Read more

The event "The Way", sponsored by Playstation, is the first big parkour workshop of its kind. The event toured around different cities like Berlin, Cologne and Ulm. Parkour obstacles and poles were... Read more