It's all about new, creative and innovative ideas if it comes to commercials. People don't want to see the same things over and over again. Sport like breakdance, parkour, freerunning etc. are providing exactly what is needed: modern sports are trendy, but rarely shown on tv and therefore are still offering something new and exciting.

Our Commercials projects

Adidas commercial shooting-856221576

Our athlete Alexander Schauer traveled to hanover for the new Adidas commercial shooting. In front of... Read more

DTM commercial shooting-345818722

We played a part in the commercial shooting of the DMD motorsports world championship. Parkour star Jannis Schauer performed some spectacular stunts and salti in Munich. We also lent the mats, so that... Read more

Parkour/Freerunning shows on the Audi Q3 tour-1672154548

We were the entertainment program on the Audi Q3 and Q5 Roadshow in the cities Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart. We performed on our parkoursetup on the entrance of the event with a... Read more

The third-largest US cable television provider Cox Communications hires the parkour professional Andreas Ruby to star in its commercial of a new... Read more

Libanon Videoshoot-877415214

The lebanese production company Clandestino Films from Beiruth contacted and engaged us to find the right artist for a commercial shoot for them. Because they knew exactly, how the athlet had to look... Read more

Andreas Ruby and Dimitri Roggon played James Bond and his antagonist for the commercial video of the new AMC... Read more

Audi borrowed one of our big trampolines for the shooting of their new commercial clip. This video was about the perfection of the movements of a trampoline artist in comparison to the perfection of... Read more

Promotion for MyGuide-242182753

On the big mobile communications trade fair "3GSM" in Barcelona, Andreas Rub performed a few parkour shows in the name of "MyGuide... Read more