We can offer you a big choice of different mats:

  • judo mats (36 x 2*1m & 16 x 1*1m)
  • floor mats (2m*3m, foldable)
  • 2 super soft-mats (2m*3m)
  • 2 cube mats (soft, ca. 1m high and 2*1m base)
  • 10 gym mats

If you don't know the differences between those mats, feel free to ask us, the wrong choice could be dangerous if it is about safeguard of sportive activities!

Our Mats projects

DTM commercial shooting-345818722

We played a part in the commercial shooting of the DMD motorsports world championship. Parkour star Jannis Schauer performed some spectacular stunts and salti in Munich. We also lent the mats, so that... Read more

FAMJAM Eventorganisation-1504847366

Each year, the german parkour club FAM München e.V. hosts a big parkour jam for guests from all over the world. This year rubymove took care of the organisation and lent them the obstacles and trampolines. 400 traceurs could train at the coolest spots of the city, demonstrate their skills at the... Read more