Parkour | Freerunning Act

What's the differnce between parkour and freerunning?
Parkour is the art of an effective locomotion and is all about the creative, fluent and unconventional overcoming of obstacles.
Freerunning is more about the art of movements. Salti, flick flacks and spectacular tricks are demonstrating the skills of the artist. When searching for the right athlete, you should pay attention that the artist does parkour and freerunning, because both sports complement one another.
Parkour/ freerunning acts are all about the performance without a stage. It's spontaneous and close to the audience. People will be more surprised and insired, when there are no stage or obstacles and suddenly people among them are starting to perform. These shows can be planned and performed in any kind of environment, because they can be adapted to the given conditions.
Just talk to us, send us pictures from your location and we will talk to you about what we can offer. We also could implement the location with our own build obstacles, so that it will be more recognizable that a show is about to happen.

Our Parkour | Freerunning Act projects

Jakob Vöckler with a spectacular parkour bet at the last episode of the german TV show "Wetten dass...?"-1323812983

Our parkour athlet Jakob Vöckler was part of the very last episode of the german betting TV show "Wetten dass..?". He performed a spectacular parkour bet: It was a race with Sébastien Ogier (rallye-... Read more

Adidas commercial shooting-856221576

Our athlete Alexander Schauer traveled to hanover for the new Adidas commercial shooting. In front of... Read more

Skiworldcup in Flachau-1115899743

We performed a spectacular parkourshow on the skiworldcup in Flachau. First, we entered the stage at the end of the ski-run with international stars like Alexander Zyulev from Russia,... Read more

Parkour show at the „Oosten“ for the summerfestival of Baker & McKenzie-289246988

We entered the stage at the "Oosten", a beautiful restaurant in Frankfurt, on the summerparty of Baker&McKenzie. Our traceurs jumped from one restaurant floor to another, climbed a crane and - from there - jumped down into the river Main, without taking their suits off. The audience was... Read more

Parkour promotion team for Gore trailrunning at the outdoor trade fair-743898998

Like every year since 2010, we were featured at the Goretex, THE trade fair for outdoorclothing and -equipement. The most important concern on this mess was "Goretex". They introduced us as the "Gore... Read more

Parkour show for Skoda in Paris-924792318

For the presentation of the new Skoda rapid car at a car trade fair in Paris, the traceurs Michael Beisler, Andreas Ruby and Jannis Schauer... Read more

Rental of parkour equipement for a Samsung show in Berlin-1576004338

For a parkour liveshow in the name of Samsung, we had a consulting position. Our parkour and freerunning specialist Andreas Ruby... Read more

Parkour/Freerunning shows at the Fujitsu roadshow-324840394

We toured around Germany with the Fujitsu roadshow and had some parkour liveshows at various locations. Two freerunners in suits , one of them with a laptop in his hand, chased themselves across the... Read more

Parkour/Freerunning shows on the Audi Q3 tour-1672154548

We were the entertainment program on the Audi Q3 and Q5 Roadshow in the cities Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart. We performed on our parkoursetup on the entrance of the event with a... Read more

Parkour shows at the CMS fair trade in Berlin-2108999101

We worked for Nilfisk at the CMS fair trade in Berlin. We performed at their stand and brought action into the promotion. Our athletes and traceurs performed five shows a day for the curious audience... Read more