Parkour Park

We own a big, mobile and loanable parkour park, consisting of:

  • wooden tower (ca. 2.40m high, 1.25m*1.25m base, one side is 15° diagonal)
  • wooden wall (ca. 1,25m high, 2,50 m long, one side is 15° diagonal, the top is 20cm wide)
  • wooden box (ca. 1,25m*1m*1,2m)
  • 2 wooden boxes (ca. 50cm high, ca. 2,5m*1,5m base)
  • 4 little wooden boxes (ca 50cm*60cm*45cm)
  • Vault-Box (ca 80cm high, ca 1m*70cm base)
  • Scaffolding System (steel), ca 25 bars 2.5m, 10 bars 4m, 15 feets, 30 fasteners, smaller bars
  • ca 10 wooden beams, different diameters and length for precise jumps
  • All those can be laminated or imposed with your logo.

Is there something you need but can not find in the list above? We also build and design our own Obstacles, so just write us!

Our Parkour Park projects

Rental of parkour equipement for a Samsung show in Berlin-1576004338

For a parkour liveshow in the name of Samsung, we had a consulting position. Our parkour and freerunning specialist Andreas Ruby... Read more

Parkour/Freerunning shows at the Fujitsu roadshow-324840394

We toured around Germany with the Fujitsu roadshow and had some parkour liveshows at various locations. Two freerunners in suits , one of them with a laptop in his hand, chased themselves across the... Read more

Parkour/Freerunning shows on the Audi Q3 tour-1672154548

We were the entertainment program on the Audi Q3 and Q5 Roadshow in the cities Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart. We performed on our parkoursetup on the entrance of the event with a... Read more

Parkour park for the WEEK-end FPK-1678674398

The Week-End FPK is the annual and huge meeting of the french parkour federation and took part in Roubaix and Lille this year. From 23.-24. April, everything was about parkour, movement and frindship. To guarantee that, Rubymove offered the huge and awesome parkour park with our self made... Read more

Organisation of the FAM summer vacation training 2015-1101056413

This year, we did not only help FAM München e.V. with the organisation of it's big and famous FAMJAM but also with the planning of the summer vacation training. To relieve the busy bees from FAM, Rubymove took care for the delicious and healthy catering as well as the huge parkour park and... Read more

FAMJAM Eventorganisation-1504847366

Each year, the german parkour club FAM München e.V. hosts a big parkour jam for guests from all over the world. This year rubymove took care of the organisation and lent them the obstacles and trampolines. 400 traceurs could train at the coolest spots of the city, demonstrate their skills at the... Read more

Andreas Ruby and Dimitri Roggon played James Bond and his antagonist for the commercial video of the new AMC... Read more