We also have a few trampolines for rental, which are suitable for indoor and outdoor occasions and also transportable:

  • big trampoline (rectangle) ca. 4m*2,5m
  • big trampoline (rectangle) ca. 2,5m*1,5m
  • mini trampoline "Eurotramp" ca. 1,2m*1,2m
  • 2 mini trampolines "Kids" ca. 1,1m*1,1m

Our Trampolines projects

Skiworldcup in Flachau-1115899743

We performed a spectacular parkourshow on the skiworldcup in Flachau. First, we entered the stage at the end of the ski-run with international stars like Alexander Zyulev from Russia,... Read more

Brand new show concept for Toshiba-1661090389

At this years Photokina 2016, the largest trade fair for photography, we had the honor to perform our brand new show concept for the stall of Toshiba Memory Products. We combined the art of Wall-... Read more

FAMJAM Eventorganisation-1504847366

Each year, the german parkour club FAM München e.V. hosts a big parkour jam for guests from all over the world. This year rubymove took care of the organisation and lent them the obstacles and trampolines. 400 traceurs could train at the coolest spots of the city, demonstrate their skills at the... Read more

Shooting für die neue Willy Bogner Modekollektion-1674951086

Rubymove lent a huge trampoline for the shooting of the new collection of the designer Willy Bogner, so that they could create more special and dynamic photos. Also, our traceurs Janina Bomann and... Read more

Audi borrowed one of our big trampolines for the shooting of their new commercial clip. This video was about the perfection of the movements of a trampoline artist in comparison to the perfection of... Read more

For the german TV Show "1,2 oder 3", we lent our mats and our big trampoline. In this episode of the show, they introduced the new sport Trickbonen and even showmaster Elton, known from Stefan Raabs Tv Show "Tv Total", was exicted like a little child by our trampoline.