Tricking | Breakdance

Tricking is counted among the freestyle floor acrobatics. It combines elements from martial arts, breakdance and capoeira.Tricking is all about the rapid combination of motion sequences such as kicks, twists and salti.

We promise you, that every performance will be filled with action, speed and good entertainment. And we can offer you well choreographed group-performances or freestyle ones.

Tricking performances are also very compatible with breakdance, capoeira and parkour.

Our Tricking | Breakdance projects

Skiworldcup in Flachau-1115899743

We performed a spectacular parkourshow on the skiworldcup in Flachau. First, we entered the stage at the end of the ski-run with international stars like Alexander Zyulev from Russia,... Read more

Brand new show concept for Toshiba-1661090389

At this years Photokina 2016, the largest trade fair for photography, we had the honor to perform our brand new show concept for the stall of Toshiba Memory Products. We combined the art of Wall-... Read more

Parkour stage show for Forever living products-183803398

The care products company forever had a big event at hotel Dolce in Unterschleißheim, Munich. Our parkour showcrew was the highlight of the entertainment pogramme. We performed a spectacular and... Read more

Trailrunning World Masters in Dortmund-202647905

At the trailrunning worldchampionship "World Masters" in Dortmund, our showteam was the highlight of the evening. Together with parkouring worldmaster Matthias Esser, Rubymove created a spectacular parkour show.The acrobatic stunts and performances entertained the audience very well.

 ... Read more