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TV loves new and exciting topics. Expecially young audience is easily inspired with trend sports, which we've already proved a few times in the past. We are no new-comers in the world of TV which makes us reliable and professional in in collaboration.

Our TV | Press projects

Jakob Vöckler with a spectacular parkour bet at the last episode of the german TV show "Wetten dass...?"-1323812983

Our parkour athlet Jakob Vöckler was part of the very last episode of the german betting TV show "Wetten dass..?". He performed a spectacular parkour bet: It was a race with Sébastien Ogier (rallye-... Read more

Adidas commercial shooting-856221576

Our athlete Alexander Schauer traveled to hanover for the new Adidas commercial shooting. In front of... Read more

Shooting für die neue Willy Bogner Modekollektion-1674951086

Rubymove lent a huge trampoline for the shooting of the new collection of the designer Willy Bogner, so that they could create more special and dynamic photos. Also, our traceurs Janina Bomann and... Read more

For the german TV Show "1,2 oder 3", we lent our mats and our big trampoline. In this episode of the show, they introduced the new sport Trickbonen and even showmaster Elton, known from Stefan Raabs Tv Show "Tv Total", was exicted like a little child by our trampoline.



Galileo Extrem-26930303

In this episode of the Tv show "Galileo Extreme" it was all about a special competition: a pedestrian, who was allowed to use public transport, a cardriver, a cyclist and a traceur competed at a 4km... Read more