X-Diving combines all kinds of freestyle diving, no matter if the jumps are from diving boards (1-10m), cliffs (up to 30m) or from a boat. The essential difference to high diving is the spectacular and creative, spontaneous effect.

One of the subitems of X-Diving is splashdiving, which is about who splatters the most and makes the loudest noise when impacting into the water.

We had a few X-Diving performances, one was at the Oosten, a high level restaurant at which we first performed a parkour show and then x-dived into the river main from one level

Our X-Diving projects

Parkour show at the „Oosten“ for the summerfestival of Baker & McKenzie-289246988

We entered the stage at the "Oosten", a beautiful restaurant in Frankfurt, on the summerparty of Baker&McKenzie. Our traceurs jumped from one restaurant floor to another, climbed a crane and - from there - jumped down into the river Main, without taking their suits off. The audience was... Read more