Parkour & Freerunning Shows

Parkour stage show for Forever living products-183803398

The care products company forever had a big event at hotel Dolce in Unterschleißheim, Munich. Our parkour showcrew was the highlight of the entertainment pogramme. We performed a spectacular and... Read more

Jakob Vöckler with a spectacular parkour bet at the last episode of the german TV show "Wetten dass...?"-1323812983

Our parkour athlet Jakob Vöckler was part of the very last episode of the german betting TV show "Wetten dass..?". He performed a spectacular parkour bet: It was a race with Sébastien Ogier (rallye-... Read more

Adidas commercial shooting-856221576

Our athlete Alexander Schauer traveled to hanover for the new Adidas commercial shooting. In front of... Read more

DTM commercial shooting-345818722

We played a part in the commercial shooting of the DMD motorsports world championship. Parkour star Jannis Schauer performed some spectacular stunts and salti in Munich. We also lent the mats, so that... Read more

Skiworldcup in Flachau-1115899743

We performed a spectacular parkourshow on the skiworldcup in Flachau. First, we entered the stage at the end of the ski-run with international stars like Alexander Zyulev from Russia,... Read more

Parkour show at the „Oosten“ for the summerfestival of Baker & McKenzie-289246988

We entered the stage at the "Oosten", a beautiful restaurant in Frankfurt, on the summerparty of Baker&McKenzie. Our traceurs jumped from one restaurant floor to another, climbed a crane and - from there - jumped down into the river Main, without taking their suits off. The audience was... Read more

Andreas Ruby and Dimitri Roggon played James Bond and his antagonist for the commercial video of the new AMC... Read more

Parkour promotion team for Gore trailrunning at the outdoor trade fair-743898998

Like every year since 2010, we were featured at the Goretex, THE trade fair for outdoorclothing and -equipement. The most important concern on this mess was "Goretex". They introduced us as the "Gore... Read more

BMW mini fashion show-1641478021

Our Traceurs Jonas Brühl, Andreas Ruby and Dimitri Roggon fired the visitors of the fashion show in the BMW... Read more

Parkour show for Skoda in Paris-924792318

For the presentation of the new Skoda rapid car at a car trade fair in Paris, the traceurs Michael Beisler, Andreas Ruby and Jannis Schauer... Read more