Parkour & Freerunning Shows

Rental of parkour equipement for a Samsung show in Berlin-1576004338

For a parkour liveshow in the name of Samsung, we had a consulting position. Our parkour and freerunning specialist Andreas Ruby... Read more

Audi borrowed one of our big trampolines for the shooting of their new commercial clip. This video was about the perfection of the movements of a trampoline artist in comparison to the perfection of... Read more

For the german TV Show "1,2 oder 3", we lent our mats and our big trampoline. In this episode of the show, they introduced the new sport Trickbonen and even showmaster Elton, known from Stefan Raabs Tv Show "Tv Total", was exicted like a little child by our trampoline.



Parkour/Freerunning shows at the Fujitsu roadshow-324840394

We toured around Germany with the Fujitsu roadshow and had some parkour liveshows at various locations. Two freerunners in suits , one of them with a laptop in his hand, chased themselves across the... Read more

Parkour/Freerunning shows on the Audi Q3 tour-1672154548

We were the entertainment program on the Audi Q3 and Q5 Roadshow in the cities Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart. We performed on our parkoursetup on the entrance of the event with a... Read more

Parkour shows at the CMS fair trade in Berlin-2108999101

We worked for Nilfisk at the CMS fair trade in Berlin. We performed at their stand and brought action into the promotion. Our athletes and traceurs performed five shows a day for the curious audience... Read more

Freerunning Shows for the "Wakecity Event" in St. Gallen, Zurich und Ludwigshafen-132323366

Parkour not only inspires the world of sport, but also the world of the fashion. We were able to prove that with three stuntshows during fashinshows in the shoppingmalls of St. Gallen, Zurich and Ludwigshafen. Among our showteam were the parkourpros Kie Willis and Alex J.T. Pottsy.

Gore trailrunning at the Outdoor trade fair-974605769

For the outdoor trade fair in 2010, the gore parkour team set up a freerunning show of its own: spectacular salti were made on huge banked up mounds. Afterwards, our team gave precious tips to the participants of the parcourrun.



Trailrunning World Masters in Dortmund-202647905

At the trailrunning worldchampionship "World Masters" in Dortmund, our showteam was the highlight of the evening. Together with parkouring worldmaster Matthias Esser, Rubymove created a spectacular parkour show.The acrobatic stunts and performances entertained the audience very well.

 ... Read more

Performance at the MAWEV – promotion tour-486599219

We had a special performance at the trade fair of MAWEV. Freerunning and parcouring on big construction machines, traceurs who climb on cranes 7m above the ground and layaway above the area of the trade fair. With this unique show we could attract the attention of all the visitors.