Parkour & Freerunning Shows

The event "The Way", sponsored by Playstation, is the first big parkour workshop of its kind. The event toured around different cities like Berlin, Cologne and Ulm. Parkour obstacles and poles were... Read more

Promotion for MyGuide-242182753

On the big mobile communications trade fair "3GSM" in Barcelona, Andreas Rub performed a few parkour shows in the name of "MyGuide... Read more

Galileo Extrem-26930303

In this episode of the Tv show "Galileo Extreme" it was all about a special competition: a pedestrian, who was allowed to use public transport, a cardriver, a cyclist and a traceur competed at a 4km... Read more

In 2007, red bull established the first parkour competition with the event "Art of motion". 2 representants from each country were invited and so Andreas Ruby... Read more

Performance at the outdoor trade fair-254149955

At the Outdoor trade fair in 2007, we represented the outdoor clothing brand "Dare2be" with a parkour show filled with action. The trade fair visitors were exited by this new kind of show on this event.